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How Can I Help You?

Filing an application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is not easy. Neither is going through a custody dispute, dividing assets or obtaining the Workers’ Compensation benefits you deserve. At Lucie McLemore, Attorney at Law, I am here to advise you, stand up for your rights and explain to you your best options.

My name is Lucie McLemore, and I have more than 36 years of experience as an attorney. Clients throughout the Montgomery County region turn to me for skillful guidance through a variety of legal matters.

I handle several practice areas. These include:

  • Social Security Disability: I can assist you with filing an SSDI claim, attending your hearing and appealing a denied claim if necessary.
  • Workers’ Compensation: I can guide you through the process of applying for workers’ comp benefits after you are injured on the job, as well as advocate for you if your claim is denied or delayed.
  • Administrative law matters: Not all significant legal decisions take place in the court room. I can represent you in a variety of local, state and federal administrative settings.
  • Family law: Handling family law issues such as divorce, asset division, child custody and visitation, and post-decree modification.

My background as a district court judge and as an assistant attorney general gives me rare insight and helps me approach your case from many angles. I will advocate for your best interests in the complex legal system.

What To Know About SSDI

The first thing to keep in mind about SSDI is that the claims process is a long one. I help with every detail, including the prefiling steps of gathering medical records, doctors’ notes and other documents. With my help, scores of clients have secured the benefits they need and deserve. Even with careful planning, many people receive denials of perfectly valid claims. I will assist you to navigate the appeals process, including hearings with administrative law judges, the appeals council and the federal court.

Reach Out Today For My Help

Standing up for yourself in the Social Security, family law or the Workers’ Compensation system can feel overwhelming. But with me, you are not alone. Reach out to my law office in Montgomery to contact me about setting up an initial consultation. To get in touch, call 334-603-9987 or send me an email.